Excellent colon therapist! There’s definitely an art to this practice (including the abdominal massage), and Mary is very skilled and knowledgeable. She takes pride in her work and the results show it. Highly recommend Mary!  -Mark R.


Mary is wonderful! She took my daughter for a treatment with very short notice and treated her like a queen! My daughter was away from home and unable to get treatment from her usual gal in Brighton, Mary helped my daughter feel good again. Many thanks!  -Christina R.


Mary does an amazing job! When the tension in your body locks you up everywhere, she is able to work magic, You will feel like bubble wrap with slow & precise snaps, crackles & pops taking away the knots. It is a sure proven way to release stress and feel long term benefits. Mary is very talented in massage therapy.  -Monica H.


Since receiving colon therapy from Mary, the results have been life-changing. I have been battling issues for 2 years. After 6 colonics, I feel better than ever. Highly recommended!  -Kristen V.


Went to a specialist regarding my lack of bathroom activities and was told to go to another specialist as my colon must be removed. Of course not wanting to do this and thinking the specialist’s quacks, went to see Mary. It’s been a little over a year and I am doing 90% better. I am thankful that I still have my colon and that she listened to my concerns. I have learned a lot and appreciate all that Mary has done and continues to do for me.  -Sara


I had my first colonics appt today and it was amazing! I’ve been on an incredible journey this past year that lead me to Mary and this procedure. Mary is very knowledgeable and passionate about this kind of colon therapy. She explained in detail what was going to happen before the procedure and made me feel very comfortable. I highly recommend Mary and I will be going back☺!!!  -Alley C.M.


To anyone who has never had colon therapy but thinks they have no crap to get out, think again. Once you experience how amazing you feel afterward, you won’t be sorry you did. But you’ll need to enlist the help of the Colon Whisperer….Mary @ Harmony and Health.  -Lindsey S.


Mary has changed my life for the Better! For over 20 years I have had stomach issues. I have been getting Hydro Colon Therapy for the past few months. She has educated us to make healthy lifestyle changes. I have learned something every time I have seen her.  It has been years of suffering and missing out on life. We have seen many doctors and have tried numerous things without success. The Hydro Therapy and Mary’s guidance is working !!! THANK YOU !!!  -Gregor G.


Harmony’n Health is the place I would HIGHLY recommend going to if you are interested in getting colonics. I have done four so far and the results are amazing.  -Kimberly B.


Mary DeLange is truly gifted and amazing. I feel so much better when I have a colonic from her. My body feels refreshed and cleaned out and I have more energy afterwards, and I know I’m helping my body stay healthy.

I have been seeing Mary for many years for massage. She is very in tuned with the body and its needs. Whether it be reflexology, relaxation, cranial sacral, prenatal, or acupressure, your body will thank you for it.  -Katie K.


Clean and relaxing atmosphere. Mary DeLange is knowledgeable and took her time to make sure that the massage was done right. It was a very relaxing and wonderful experience.  -Jeffery K.


I have been receiving colonics for several years now. Mary has taught me the importance of staying healthy by having colon therapy. I always feel much better afterwards. The gentle washing of the colon helps relieve my constipation.  -Danae D.


I’ve been seeing Mary for almost a year now for my sciatica issues. Her massage therapy approach to addressing my sciatica is what keeps me going. Without her I wouldn’t be able to be as mobile as I am. Thanks Mary.  -Russell R.