It’s Cleansing Time

September 22, 2017 By Mary

Fall is here!  This is a wonderful time of the year to be thinking about cleansing.  The season is changing to the cooler weather, temperatures are fluctuating and our eating patterns are changing.  In the spring and summer we like cooler foods and drinks while fall and winter we like the warmer foods and drinks.  Our bodies are in transition which is why this is a good time for a fast or cleanse.

Many people make it a habit to do a fast or cleanse four times per year–fall, winter, spring and summer.  The fast or cleanse can be 1-2 days, 3 days, 7 days, etc., whatever works for them in their schedule.  Some people give up certain foods during this time while others focus on just liquids.  It is usually an individual’s choice. A cleanse will give the digestive system a little vacation. This is a wonderful time for the body.

After the fast or cleanse is over, most people feel better.  This is a great time to have a colonic.  A colonic will help remove the toxins and old fecal matter.  Colonics will help finish the cleansing or fasting program.

Let’s start the fall season off right by cleansing, fasting, and having colonics. We will be glad we took this healthy step!    Contact Mary at 616-456-5033 or email me at to set up an appointment.


How important is a healthy colon (large intestine)?

The digestive tract, also known as the gastrointestinal (GI) tract, starts at the mouth, continues to the esophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine (colon) and the rectum and ends at the anus.  The entire system – from mouth to anus – is about 30 feet (9 meters) long

The food we eat needs to be digested properly and assimilated.  In order to enjoy good health, it is extremely important that the colon be clean and free from toxins.  Due to the American diet these days,  dairy products, meats, breads, pastas, sugar,  salt, etc.,  begin to accumulate a thick coating on the walls of the colon.  Consuming these foods is what often begins the problems in the colon.

The build-up on the colon wall prevents food from being assimilated properly.  It also makes the colon sluggish thus allowing poisons of fermentation and putrefaction to accumulate and become absorbed into the bloodstream, lymphatic system and the nervous system.  The neglected accumulation of this waste can result in illnesses such as colitis, colon cancer,  crohns disease, high blood pressure, heart disease, arthritis, diabetes, allergies, skin disorders such as psoriasis and eczema, hemorrhoids, migraines, respiratory and obesity problems.  The lymphatic system, kidneys, liver and other organs cannot work properly when the colon is so unhealthy.

Colon therapy (colonic irrigation) is a great way to cleanse the colon and prevent the build-up of fecal matter that can accumulate on the colon wall.  It is safe and effective.